Thursday, 5 December 2013

GET RIPPED: Train Those ELUSIVE Lower Abs.

Lower Abs: Leg Raises

Leg Raises and Their Importance In Your Lower Abs Training.

Leg raises are pretty basic exercise considering the variety available out there to you but are they effective and useful in getting rid of that tummy and building the Elusive Lower Abs? They are certainly effective and require very good mind and body connection to be performed perfectly. The targeted area can be seen below.

Now Basically there are two variation to performing Leg Raises, we will discuss both of them, their performing techniques and the way they can hit other muscles in doing so.


The First variation is performed as the name makes it to you. The Leg Raises have to be performed hanging to a rod with legs straight out, raising them to such a position that your legs become parallel to the floor, you have to be careful in this variation that your knees are not suppose to bend at any point during the whole motion. This variation places more load on your Lower Abs and also develops your Hip Flexors. The whole motion of performing them is shown below.

3 sets x 12 -15 reps


This is the second variation to the Leg Raises, the whole variation can be determined by the name of the exercise. This exercise is also done hanging on to a rod and while you raise your legs to the top you will have to keep a slight bend in your knees. When your legs are parallel to the floor exhale at that point and stay their for a second or two then slowly return your legs to the hanging position. This variation pull your lower abs hard and help them in developing strength and stabilizing you core. This variation also targets your Rectus Femoris Muscle. The whole motion is shown below.

3 sets x 12 - 15 reps

You can incorporate any of the two variations in your Lower Abs workout be sure to do them with a slow motion and breathe in rhythm with the whole Leg Raises motion. Cheers xx

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