Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Deltoids: Get That Broad Upper Body Symmetry

Dumbell Side Lateral Raises

Dumbell Side Lateral Raises with a Slight Twist that Will Blast Your Side Shoulders.

Deltoid Muscles (Shoulders) are one of the most important muscles in your Upper Body and biggest of them all. Round Bulbous shoulders contribute a great deal in achieving that legendary X-Physique of your body and that V-Taper of your upper body. Deltoid Muscles not only contribute to your body's symmetry but also help you gain strength for training other muscles too. Front Deltoid Muscle helps you a lot in your Bench Presses and so in many exercises,  so it is very important that you train your Deltoids well.


We are going to discuss that one part of your Shoulders that stand out the most and broadens your Shoulder Muscles to a more prominent appearance, that is your Lateral Deltoids

Seated Dumbell Side Lateral Raises:

The exercise I am going to discuss today is Seated Dumbell Side Lateral Raises. Now the conventional Side Raises are easy and are very convenient to perform, the one I am going to describe to you guys today does not require heavy weighted dumbells to perform but they will surely blast your Side Shoulders good.

Now in conventional way of performing side lateral raises you keep your dumbells to the side and lift them simultaneously or by doing alternate reps, when you reach the top of the movement your palms are facing down towards the floor. Now here's a little twist to the exercise, literally. Right at the starting position when you have the dumbells to your side, rotate your wrists and have your palms facing back, keep them facing back during the whole set. Don't change their direction, then start lifting your elbows and when you reach the top the inner sides of the dumbells will be facing each other and when that happens rotate your wrists as if you're pouring water from a bottle, hold that position for a second or two. Then return to the starting position with your palms facing back. This exercise if performed with slow and precise motion, will surely blast your Lateral Deltoids. Incorporate it into your workout. 

Perform 3 sets x 8 - 12 reps, try to increase a rep in every set. Cheers!

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