Sunday, 22 December 2013


Know Your Muscle Build Up

How to Increase Your Lifting Weight in Five Seconds.

Today we are going to discuss the whole build-up process of Muscles. All that countless hours at the gym, you should know what goes on behind that inside your muscles.

Your Muscles are made up of all those fibres that are used to perform those simplest of everyday task, when you decide to train them and go to your gym, training a single Muscle like your Chest Muscle, you are using them in your workouts every time you lift a heavy weight more than the capacity of your Muscle and the fibres inside the Muscle being worked up tear up.Those torn fibres then in turn, after your workout is finished, start the repair process those repaired fibres lead to a bigger and better Muscle.

One thing is for sure, if you want to build stronger and bigger Muscles you have to lift heavy and with proper form.If you are stuck with the same weight your Muscles will adapt to that weight and it will not grow as it is suppose to, rather your Muscles will just get comfortable with the same amount of weights you are using to train them . You have to shock your Muscles see Shocker Workout for your Pecs.

Now to increase the amount of weights you are using on your Military and Bench Presses you have to perform the following move for about 5-7 Seconds after that you will be able to perform a full set with heavier weight.

The move you have to do is this, load up your bench press rod with a weight 25% more than you bench press with. Lift the rod up and don't bring it down on your Chest just keep it in the air for about 5-7 Seconds, don't lock your elbows keep a bend in them, then place it back. Remove the extra 25% and add 5lbs to the weight you will be able to perform a full set with that.

Same goes for the Military Press, add on 25% weight on your usual weight, lift the barbell up and you will keep the barbell in the air for about 5-7 Seconds, be sure to keep a bend in the elbows and don't lock them. After 5-7 Seconds put the barbell down and remove the extra 25% weight and add on 5lbs to the weight then perform a full set with that weight. Hope this will help you in your goals. Cheers!

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